Magento 2. Magento Backend. Part II.

Extending the menu

(This recipe builds further on the previous one)

STEP I – Create the menu:

Create the file:


STEP II – Clean cache by CLI:

/var/www/local/{your-project-name.dev} >  php bin/magento cache:clean


Reload the backend and you will see new menu item: EDUCATION


*         *          *

The Admin menu of Magento is based on all the menu.xml files of all the modules. The standard menu contains the following root items: Dashboard, Sales, Products, Customers, Marketing, Content, Reports, Stores, System.


An <add /> statement can have the following attributes:

id: The identifier of the menu item

title: The title of the menu item

module: The module that the menu item will refer to

sortOrder: The sequence by which all the menu items will be ordered

parent: The parent menu item

action: If the item contains a link, this is the URL leading to the controller action

resource: The identifier of the ACL resource explained in the recipe Adding an ACL